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Cloud Architect

Cloud architects are IT specialists who have the skills and knowledge to navigate complex cloud environments, lead teams, develop and implement cloud strategies, and ensure cloud systems stay up to date and run smoothly.

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Ethical Hacker

Use their knowledge to secure and improve the technology of organisations. They provide an essential service to these organisations by looking for vulnerabilities that can lead to a security breach. An ethical hacker reports the identified vulnerabilities to the organization.

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Network Engineer

Set up, develop, and maintain computer networks within an organisation or between organisations. Offer support to users, who can be staff, clients, customers, and suppliers and troubleshoot any problems. In some cases, this may involve designing new networks.

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IT Project Manager

Is a professional charged with overseeing the process of planning, executing and delegating responsibilities around an organization's information technology (IT) pursuits and goals. IT project managers may work in a variety of industries, as nearly all organisations rely on computing technologies.

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Security Analyst

Works inter-departmentally to identify and correct flaws in the company's security systems, solutions, and programs while recommending specific measures that can improve the company's overall security posture.

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Writes computer programs with an eye toward safeguarding computer systems and data/information.

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Manages the operations of software development, implementing engineering tools and knowledge of the software development process to streamline software updates and creation.

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1st Line Support

Support Technicians work is to protect an organization(s) information and data to keep it private and safe. They work with computer security programs to detect, prevent, and address potential security threats.

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