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What is it? Why should I get into it? How do I get into it?

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What is it? Why should I get into it? How do I get into it?

Cyber Security is an ever-growing and evolving industry, that many people do not know much about! If you want to learn about what Cyber Security is, why it is important, and why and how you should get into it then keep reading!

What is Cyber Security and why is it important?

Cyber Security is the process of using technology, processes, and controls to protect from unauthorised digital access (e.g hackers).

It involves protecting data, hardware, and software from hackers and cyberthreats that are usually made to access, destroy, change, or steal sensitive information. There are many types of Cyber Security threats including phishing, ransomware, malware, social engineering and many more.

If a company or business does not have a strong Cyber Security program, then they will not be able to defend themselves against cyber criminals and make themselves an instant target. Companies need to be able to defend themselves against these sorts of attacks, and that is where Cyber Security experts come in.

There are an increasing number of people in the online-world, and people are more than ever sharing their data and personal information online! The number of Cyber attackers and hackers are growing day by day, with finer and more sophisticated tech and attack techniques being used.

Why go into Cyber Security?

There are many reasons why you should go into a Cyber Security career in 2021, here are just a few of them!

Cyber Security has an ever-expanding scope and presents ultimate growth potential for both learning opportunities and your career path. Learning never stops if you go into Cyber, with new tech and systems to learn 24/7. Technology is always evolving and changing, and you will always be learning new things and expanding your skillset and knowledge.

Cyber Security is a super-fast-growing field, and there is an extremely high demand for qualified cyber security professionals. The demand for Cyber experts is not slowing, and there are a lot of positions to be filled. Cyber is also one of the highest paying industries, as there is always an increasing demand for talent. You could be earning up to and more than £72,500 pa with the right training and position, and you have the potential to go even further.

You do not need a degree! For many industries and positions, they require a Degree level of education. But to go into Cyber, you just need the right certifications and qualifications. You can study fully from home, online in your own time AND get your dream job.

Working in Cyber Security has a real impact. Cyber has an impact that extends beyond just the online world and into the physical world. You get the chance to protect people, data, and information potentially saving businesses, careers, and lives. You will be making a real difference by working in Cyber security and protecting our people and our world!

Has this article convinced you that a career in cyber security is right for you? If so, click here to see our training!
  • Published 26 May 2022
  • Cyber